eduroam – (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide internet roaming access service, developed for research and education community. Education roaming is implemented by checking user information (username and password) on the RADIUS server which is placed in the organization.

In Georgia - Association GRENA provides the eduroam service for research and education institutions.
eduroam is available in many countries around the world. Detailed Information can be found: https://eduroam.grena.ge/eng/countries

In addition, for an interactive map of the countries where you can eduroam please visit the following link: https://monitor.eduroam.org/map_service_loc.php

Research and education institutions in Georgia can join eduroam by using two different methods:

  • In the first case, you need a physical or virtual server with minimal resources and Access Points with 802.1X support.
  • In the second case, for small organizations, it is possible to join eduroam only with Access Points with 802.1X support.