• Who can join eduroam?
    Only research and education organizations can be involved in eduroam, including – universities, scientific institutions, libraries, training centers, schools, etc.

  • What are the technical requirements?
    Setup your own RADIUS server on physical or virtual server and Access Points with 802.1X support. For small organizations only the Access Points with 802.1X support, which will connect with the RADIUS server located in GRENA.

  • How to contact the support?
    Our contact information is following:

    E-mail address: eduroam@grena.ge
    Phone: 225 05 90
    Address: 10 Chovelidze St., Tbilisi

  • What is the IEEE 802.1X protocol?
    IEEE 802.1X is a protocol that allows various network devices to authenticate users through the RADIUS server. Nowadays almost all modern WiFi devices support this protocol.

  • What is RADIUS Server?
    RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) server is a protocol, that provides centralized authentication, authorization and data collection/accounting. The RADIUS server enables the creation of the users’ database (in this case WiFi clients). WiFi devices are connected to this database via the RADIUS server, as a result we have a flexible functionality, personal WiFi password for all users and centralized management mechanism.

  • Where can I use eduroam?
    If you are eduroam user, you can use the service absolutely free in 84 countries worldwide.

  • What is the format of eduroam user?
    The format of eduroam user is the following:


    Where the username is a unique identifier of the user, and the domain is the official domain of that institution which represents the user.